This is the start of my new Ultimate Steampunk Entertainment System (U.S.E.S.)

I have big plans for this old neglected, trashed radio cabinet from the 30's...stay tuned! (Pun intended)

My first Bluetooth speaker! Unfinished.

I went to the markets one sunny Sunday morning and came across this Radiola speaker cabinet built January 18, 1921.  Originally the speaker was covered in a tight weave gold cloth.  It is a completely empty case which would have housed two very large speakers back to back and used outside.  Part of a radio.

Anyway I thought what a perfect bluetooth speaker it would make.  It stands 42cm high and the speaker enclosure is 35cm in diameter......this thing is BIG!  So I bought a cheap blue tooth speaker from K-Mart and dismantled it.   I took a 25 watt amplifier (which I had on hand) and output the bluetooth speaker into the amp.  I had also picked up some cheap car speakers (15 watt each - $5 AUD for both) and connected them to the amp output.

Once all was set up I pulled out my iPhone turned on the bluetooth, found the speaker and logged say this thing is loud is an understatement, it was ear shatteringly beautiful...a party machine at heart.  My next step is to 'beautify' the cabinet.  I'll keep you posted.

It's been awhile.....

This is an updated version of iPhonograph 'Too Tone' and has gone to Centenary Institute to raise much needed funds for research into cures for cancer.  The iPhonograph raised $1,000 in their silent auction.  This was optimised to be used with the iPhone 5 which it will also charge and can charge anything with a lightning connector.

My friends at Reverse Garbage

Reverse Garbage had a 'Wheel of Crap' event showcasing found objects upcycled to useful artefacts...and displaying my 'Sir Round-a-Sound'

 Reverse Garbage

iPhonograph Chrome is finally finished and with its new owners!

This one also has a remote control and plays your music beautifully.

This is it's third and final incarnation....see if you can find the differences.

Update on the evolving iPhonograph

This is going to be the best one ever.  New additions: Paint job, Vintage Valves and there's more to come.......

Foam Cutter

It's that time of year again....Christmas!  I was asked to make a foam cutter for creating Christmas here it is.

If you would like to know how to make one here is the link: Foam Cutter

A quick look at what's to come...

The handle has cleaned up a treat!  One polished corner...three to go.

Time to create a new portable workshop for my arduino...

I found this old wooden case which is perfect for my next project.  Here are a few photos.

The handle is from an old wine cask drinks cabinet.  (Badly made)  The handle is solid metal, nice and big!  I have painted the box a beautiful metallic blue which will offset the brass and copper I add later.

A video of the Steampunk Remote Control

Unfortunately the sound has gone walkabouts.  Here is a link in case this video doesn't show up on your mobile: Steampunk/Retro Remote Control

Steampunk Remote is featured on Instructables

Within one hour of posting the Steampunk remote control was featured on Instructables. Yay!

The remote control is almost finished........

Apart from it still needs a few more coats of varnish and the brass needs polishing, this remote control works with my Steampunk sound system.  This fits in the palm of your hand.

If you would like to make one for yourself here are the instructions: Steampunk Remote Control